As a small charity we rely heavily on donations and the fundraising efforts of our volunteers, disabled drivers and associated family and friends. As a charity registered for Gift Aid we have chosen MyDonate to partner us in our fundraising endeavours. They provide their service to us free of service charge, (see below), thus maximising the value of donations received. Their service can be used in different ways:



Anyone can make straightforward donations by visiting our Cherry Park Driving Group Donations page here.


Organised Fundraising Events

Lucy's Sponsored Swim
Lucy has cerebral palsy. She undertook to swim 30 lengths of her local pool and raised over £400 for Cherry Park DG

If you wish to organise your own fundraising challenge to raise money for us e.g. sponsored swim, walk etc. you can set up a fundraising page via our Cherry Park Driving Group MyDonate Donations page.  If you advise us in advance we can promote your efforts through this web site as well as updating our Banner on our MyDonate page.


Kate runs the London 10K
Kate runs the London 10K

Sponsoring a Fundraising event


If you wish to sponser an individual’s fundraising event which has been previously set up you can do so by searching for them on our MyDonate page.

Note:  MyDonate do not charge commission fees, subscription fees or registration fees for using their service. The only fee taken from your donation is the charge for using your card. This fee is raised against the total donation value and payable by Cherry Park Driving Group when MyDonate make payment to us.



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