Looking Back at a Memorable
National Championships 2019

Today, Friday 10th July, we should have been in the ring at Hartpury taking part in the 2020 RDA National Championships, with Sandra competing in the Open Class using single reins.  Alas, that was not to be and we can only contemplate what further triumphs Sandra might have achieved this year.  My heart goes out to all those disabled drivers and groups who qualified for the Championships with high hopes of personal achievements only to have them dashed by the coronavirus. 

So, instead, I thought we would revisit the scene of last year’s victory and take a pictorial trip down memory lane.  I have written about it in previous blogs so won’t go into details here.  If anyone wants to remind themselves of my reports then revisit the blogs from April (2020) and September (2019).

We are a resilient bunch and can only hope that we’ll be back next year to carry on the good work.

Best wishes


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Summer at the Yard

Hello to everybody,

Life is still throwing challenges at us, there have been changes to the covid restrictions but none that makes it feasible to start group driving.

Mother Nature on the other hand has been in full flow.

Very young ones. We think there are 3.
Very young ones. We think there are 3.

For many years we have always had swallows nesting in the stables, rearing their young quite happily amongst the horses comings and goings.

Then for 2 seasons running all the young were lost to the magpies before they even fledged.

Understandably the swallows gave up on the yard and we didn’t see them for 2 years.

This year one nesting couple returned. They made their nest up on the beam in Ruby’s stable. We have nurtured the 3 young that hatched, we found one tiny little one in the bedding one morning and between us managed to get him back in the nest. A couple of days later we found 2 on the floor. Again they were returned to the nest. In fact we left a ladder in the stable so we could nip them back in quickly, bearing in mind we do have a yard cat! Eventually our babies have escaped the attention of the magpies and have fledged, sitting on the beams and 2 flying today.

Poo picking this morning ... watched by a young Sparrowhawk
Poo picking this morning …
watched by a young Sparrowhawk

Such a small event in the world, but so important to us and the swallows. Hopefully we will see them return next year.

Dear Jim continues his pampered life style. He is looking so well, I really hope our group members will be able to visit soon.

Best wishes