A Word From Jim

The Swallows in Rubie’s stable.

I have been out-and-about looking after Jim. I thought I’d let Jim tell his story of what he’d been doing during Lockdown, (see below).

While I was going around the yard I spotted signs and sounds of summer with swallows nesting in Rubie’s stable.

“Hello to my adoring fans, I hope you are all well and looking forward to seeing me again.

My human slave mentioned that I had been furloughed. That caused my ears to prick! Was I now to be racing at the local track? Apparently I was thinking of furlongs, it would seem that the world is in a bit of a pickle and I wouldn’t be driving with my group. Well, that didn’t last long. Human slave decided that I must continue to drive in the field, it has been fun, we have done cones, and I can turn my hooves to a figure of eight and a straight reinback.

Then one day the riding tack appears! It would seem that as I am so marvellous a young lady who has grown out of her pony has come to see me.

Now this is fun; I am totally being fussed over; there are even more kisses and cuddles. I have been hacking through the woods going out with those dopey Welsh Cobs. I still go in the carriage, apparently to keep me ‘ticking over’ as the human slave is keen on this, and I am happy to oblige.

My new girl slave is called Jess and she and her Mum entered me in a riding dressage competition. We all know how much I love a competition, especially when I win.

Perhaps you can all see me performing.

As you can see I am in a very happy place, but I miss you all.

Roll on when we all meet again.”


“Jim” the cat.

While I was checking on the Group’s bits and bobs stored prior to lockdown I found somebody who’d made himself very comfortable on the benches!

2 Replies to “A Word From Jim

  1. Excellent blog Lesley. A lot seems to be going on at your yard.
    Loved watching the video of Jim doing a ridden dressage test.
    Looking forward to getting back to the yard and seeing everyone again.

  2. Great video and blog Lesley. It’s so good to see Jim ‘strutting his stuff’! He is such a versatile pony and gives riding youngsters so much enjoyment as well as the driving disabled. My 2 granddaughters have got keen on riding plus my daughter who would love to ride again. However cost is fairly prohibitive!
    Glad all is well at the yard and hopefully you can all meet up again at some stage.
    I have now retired from the group but will still be able to follow the blogs on the website.
    All the best

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