In Reflective Mood!

Hello Everyone

Are you aware that today is the May bank holiday (what we oldies used to call Whitsuntide)?  Normally, everyone would be glad of an extra day off but at the moment it seems that every day is a day off (apart from the wonderful NHS and key workers of course for whom a day off would be very precious indeed).  Does anyone else feel as though the days are running into each other?  I had almost forgotten that we have just had a weekend!

Harbour Sky

As you can tell, I’m in a reflective mood this week.  I am very fortunate to be able to walk my dog, Trixie, around the harbour every day but this morning, for some reason, I was particularly struck by the clarity of the air, the intense blue of the sky, the bright glare of the morning sun, the loudness of the birdsong, and the silence in the atmosphere. 

The saying is that every cloud has a silver lining and it’s just my thought that the coronavirus, dreadful and deadly as it is, might be the saving of the planet in many ways.  What else could so swiftly and easily have lowered pollution, made people appreciate their surroundings and their neighbours more and remind us of how we can adapt ourselves to any eventuality when the need arises.  Difficult as things are at present, sooner or later life will return to some semblance of the way it was before coronavirus and those special moments of peace, the weekly display of gratitude to our key workers and the kindness of our supportive community will become a precious memory, although it is hoped we will all try to continue in the same vein.  What I’m trying to say is that whilst acknowledging that for many it is a time of anguish and anxiety, we should cherish the good things that have come out of this crisis and try to hold onto them.

Well, having come over all profound, I’ll lighten up and give you the answers to the Harness Quiz last week.  I’m sure that it was a doddle to those of you who are experienced whips but for the rest of us, I hope it was educational and that you were able to name some of the parts correctly.  Do let me know how you fared.  The Comments section is there for your feedback or you can email me if you prefer.

Jim in full harness.
Harness Quiz – Answers
1. Backband and breeching
2. Parrot clip on the backband
3. Terret on the pad
4. Crupper
5. The bit is a Mylar, and it is Jim’s
6. Liverpool bit
7. Rolled traces – something some us need to practice!
8. Quick release tugs
9. Breast collar, with traces attached.
Jim the cat … at 9 years old!

It was lovely to read Lesley’s updates in Comments last week about the yard and good to hear that Jim is in good heart.  One day we will all be able to meet up again and resume our weekly sessions … but not just yet!  Lesley tells me that Jim the yard cat had his 9th birthday recently.  He has lived at the yard since he was born and I imagine is relishing the peace and quiet!   

No pet “tails” this week, I’m afraid.  I’ll try again next week.

Please remember to complete the RDA survey, members, if you can.  If nothing else, it will provide a snapshot of this unusual time.

Best wishes


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  1. Thank you Hilary for your blog this week and I must say that I completely agree with your sentiments regarding your “reflective mood”! The sheer blueness of the sky in your picture is totally amazing and I for one am finding that the seaside ozone at the moment smells incredibly clean and fresh. Like you, I am also finding days just drift into one another and I have to keep reminding myself (and Stan) what day it is!

    Thank you to Lesley for keeping us all updated on dear Jim and the yard and for making the effort to supply us with quiz photos. My score this time was 6 out of 9 correct. In number 2: I didn’t realise the clip was called a parrot clip, number 5: I have never heard of a Mylar bit and number 8: I just said tugs, I forgot about the quick release bit! I shall look forward to the next quiz!

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