VE Day under Lockdown

Hello everyone.  I hope you are all staying well and finding plenty to keep you occupied in this our eighth week of lockdown.  I know they are apparently easing restrictions but if you look at the small print there isn’t actually a lot more that we, and I’m guessing you, can do that we haven’t been doing sensibly already.  Venturing out to the shops seems a rather scary move to me at present having been isolating for so long!

I hope you were all able to participate in the VE Day celebrations in some way.  Paul and I did our bit as you can see from the photos.  Although we couldn’t get together with our neighbours, we could hear them and it was a most enjoyable experience.

RDA News

I’m sure that you are all champing at the bit to get up to the yard, see Jim again, and recommence our weekly driving sessions.  Sadly, that won’t be the case for as long as we have to maintain social distancing since we inevitably have to be at close quarters with our disabled drivers and each other.  I have received various bulletins and updates from RDA UK which are most helpful for guidance.  The gist of their message is set out below.

Extract from RDA UK Update

Last Sunday’s announcement by Boris Johnson has given some indication of a move towards ending lockdown, however it has not brought in any new measures that could have an impact on RDA’s ability to restart most activities. In addition, devolved governments are clearly maintaining the lockdown stance for the immediate future. Our advice, therefore, is that groups should remain closed at least for the next three weeks, with some very specific exceptions, as below. As always, as and when new information or guidance is issued, we will update our position accordingly.

This, of course, is the simple response, although in reality there are many things which would need to be put in place before we can consider recommencing our activities and they are most unlikely to be fulfilled in three weeks’ time!  Your committee will meet when the time is deemed right and we will keep you updated on all decisions.

In addition, sadly but inevitably, we have heard from Miranda Purves that the Sands Farm Qualifier in September for the 2021 Nationals has been cancelled.   It is hoped that a Qualifier will take place eventually at a time when it’s deemed that Covid-19 is no longer a threat but it’s by no means certain.  All of life is uncertain at the present time so I’m afraid we must just grin and bear it.  The utmost priority must be for everyone to stay safe and well.

More Quizzing

Well, that’s enough doom and gloom for the moment.  With a view to the future and starting up again one day, the long-awaited Harness Quiz is set out below.  Lesley very kindly took photographs of various parts of Jim’s harness.  All we need you to do is Name that Part!  And if you can remember where each part goes, even better. I will provide the answers in my next blog.


We will take a trip down pet memory lane again next week.  Please do let me have any memories of pets past and present that you would like to share.  Photos would be good too.  I’m afraid my Tess passed away last week and is now enjoying the happy hunting grounds in the sky.  I have fond memories of her long life and can’t be sad that she is now forever young again.

Best wishes


3 Replies to “VE Day under Lockdown

  1. So sorry to hear about Tess, Hilary. She had done really well ‘coz I think you said she was 15 or 16! R I P Tess.
    Am ok here and yes I hung out flags for the 8th! I was invited over the road for a drink and scones at teatime, social distancing of course! Our road did really well with lots of flags and bunting, old photos and medals. Further up two women were doing some wartime dances with the appropriate music and I suspect some alcoholic beverages! The local policeman came by on his bike and stopped to listen! Very jolly!

    Love Viv

  2. A little update from the yard.
    The single seat fenix carriage was sent off to Hartlands for servicing and a general safety check prior to lockdown. Michael Hartland very kindly delivered it back to the yard last week.
    He has renewed the braking system, taken off all wheels and sorted out the bearings. So it’s now in fine form. I will start driving Jim in this carriage shortly.
    Now the restrictions have been reviewed the other horses are able to go out hacking which relieves their boredom.
    Jim as always is in fine form. We are keeping him ticking over, the ground now is rock hard, so driving time is being limited . After all that rain we had, and all the mud I didn’t ever think we would see hard ground again.
    I do hope everyone is keeping well, it certainly is very difficult at times to keep spirits up. I do miss everything about our weekly sessions, and the horses all lived the fuss and attention. I really hope that we can all get together soon.


  3. Lesley, it is great to hear all your news. Thank you so much for keeping us in touch.
    When we drive passed I try and look in to see Jim in the field but Tony doesn’t go slow enough, sometimes I get a glimpse.
    We have not found it too hard this self isolating as my grandson has been doing shopping, and I love being in the garden, and Taj needs her walks.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Love Barbara

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