More “Tails” from Cherry Park

Well, another week of lockdown means another blog from yours truly! 

I expect you’re all dying to see the answers to the Horse Breeds Quiz (see below).  It was quite a challenge with much lateral thinking required so I hope you managed to find a few breeds in there.

Answers to Horse Breeds Quiz 

  1. Dutch warmblood
  2. Tennessee Walking Horse
  3. Cob
  4. Cleveland Bay
  5. Suffolk Punch
  6. Dartmoor
  7. Shetland
  8. Mustang
  9. Irish Sports Horse
  10. American Paint Horse

At the yard, Lesley’s leg is recovering nicely from her recent mishap and she has sent a video of her driving Jim whilst (in her words) “holding reins, whip and phone” just to remind our disabled drivers how driving looks!  Such expertise from Lesley and Jim being an angel as usual.

We have a lovely “tail” this week from Sally who sent the following story of her beloved horse,  Venus.

Maple Venus in her heydey

“Maple Venus was my Norwegian Fjord mare. She came into my life as a yearling as a result of the dispersal sale of the Maple Stud in Cranleigh in 1985. I originally bought her as a companion to my ¾ bred mare but I had no idea she would turn into such a super horse.

She won the Championship at the breed show as a 2 year old and then had a successful in hand showing career. She had a fantastic jump so we had fun doing masses of sponsored rides – the photo was taken in front of Petworth House. She was such a fun ride. Bombproof but on her toes and liked to bounce around and buck! I had the pleasure of having her in my life for 33 years.

Maple Venus in her twilight years – aged 34

The second picture was taken on her 34th birthday in 2018 – just 3 weeks before I sadly lost her. She was my once in a lifetime horse. “

Thank you, Sally, for sharing your beautiful horse with us.  RIP Venus.

I promised you a quiz about harness.  Look out for it next week.

Stay well, stay safe.

Best wishes