News from the Yard 13th April 2020

I hope you have had a pleasant Easter weekend.  It seems ironic, doesn’t it, after all those weeks of interminable rain and cold when we were slipping around in the mud and didn’t want to venture from the hearth, that a heatwave should appear at the precise time when we are not allowed to go out and enjoy it to the full!  I hope those of you who can have at least been able to enjoy a walk in the sunshine.

A few days ago, Lesley reported that she had given Jim her undivided attention that day.  She says “He had a good brush and got rid of loads of hair which he enjoyed very much.  Next, it was on with the harness, with a look of surprise from Jim!  He was put to and driven for about 15 minutes in the field.  The last time he was in harness was at Christmas time when he transported Father Christmas.  He was as good as gold and hadn’t forgotten a thing”

Jim was obviously feeling the effects of the heat in the remains of his winter woollies.  As you will see, over the weekend he has been given a makeover, courtesy of Gemma, and what a very professional job she has made of it. 

I’m very envious as my hair is getting shaggier by the minute. Mind you, I imagine he’s feeling the cold this morning following a 10° drop in temperature! He looks in amazing shape. Thank you, Lesley, for looking after him so well.

Look out for my next blog which will include a photographic quiz! 

Stay safe and well.

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  1. Wow, dear Jim looks amazing and in such good condition after the winter, the great care he has received from Lesley is obvious! I think he looks very smart after Gemma’s makeover and such a lovely colour under all that hair. I am feeling envious as well because the day my hair was supposed to be done after eight weeks was the same day hairdressers closed! Any good at roots Gemma?!!!

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