A Message from Jim and
Easter Greetings

The following message was read out at the Christmas Lunch last December.  As many of you weren’t there I thought you might like to read and hopefully enjoy it now.  Please note that newer members and others who are not mentioned are just as valued.  It’s just that he wasn’t aware of you at the time!

A Message from Jim

Jim’s Special Rosette

As relayed by Hilary… yes, I was out in his field poo-picking on a rare occasion and he asked if I would take a letter.  Well, I couldn’t refuse…he’d got me over a wheelbarrow and it was full of poo.

So here it is…

Dear Fans,

I know I’m a really special pony and I don’t really need you to tell me that, although you all do all the time, but it is nice to be given special recognition and a rosette just to confirm it.  But Hilary was telling me that no-one really shines on their own.  We all need to be polished and put to the test to bring out that inner diamond and it got me thinking that with her help I should make some acknowledgments of my own.

So first up there’s my personal servant, Lesley. She looks after me every day, rain or shine, feeds me, waters me, mucks out and keeps me fit. I do have some other handmaidens though. There’s Sally W, who comes and helps out most days and Sally ND who comes on a regular day and keeps my field nice and tidy.

Then I have a personal trainer, Gemma…she who must be obeyed. I grow an extra inch when she turns up. She puts the polish into my step and makes sure I’m in tip-top training when it’s competition time.

And then there are those who regularly come on Wednesdays for driving sessions. That’s Sybella, Valerie, Vivien, June, Jackie, Jean, Christine, and Clive as well as the two Sallys. They variously brush me, harness me up, escort me to the field when I’m working, make tea for everyone and clean me and my harness when I’ve finished. They also give me lots of cuddles and a treat when I’m turned out.

Tony is our Treasurer and handyman, Hilary tells me. He is in charge of finances and makes sure that the money is available for my many requirements as well as the security and wellbeing of the group. And he’s very handy with a spanner amongst other things. He brings lots of lovely biscuits for everyone to eat although they never give me one.

John doesn’t come to the sessions very much but Hilary tells me he looks after the IT and makes sure that my profile is high on the website.

And then there are our disabled drivers, Sandra and Bridget, who help me to shine in competition, as well as Barbara, Les, Lucy, Pauline and Tina. Thank you all of you for treating me kindly and remembering my soft mouth. In return I hope I give you a lovely experience when you drive.

It hasn’t escaped my notice that there’s a new kid on the block recently. He’s what you’d call pale and interesting and his name is Harry. A bit fidgety for my liking but apparently he’s a willing learner and he might take some pressure off me next year. As long as I still get plenty of cuddles, I’m OK with that. He seems to have disappeared again so who knows what will happen, eh?

I’ve just spotted a wisp of hay that I missed earlier so I’ll let Hilary tell you the rest. Oh yes, she’s the one who walks round with a clipboard, ticking things off and looking important and harassed at the same time.


Christmas 2019

Thank you, Jim, for evoking happy memories of all we did together last year and will do again in the future.  Of course, circumstances have moved on since those words were written but there is much to look forward to.

Spring Lambs

I wish you all a very Happy Easter at this unique (hopefully never to be repeated) time. Remember that Easter is all about resurrection and renewal.  May you all stay safe and enjoy it as well as you can.