“Tails” From Cherry Park

Well, this is going rather well!  I have had a good response to my invitation to send in stories and photos of your pets so I hope you enjoy this week’s offerings.



Barbara’s dog, Taj, was about a year old when she was abandoned on a motorway in Ireland.  It took two days to catch her as she was so fast!  She was then shipped across to England and sent to Birmingham where no home was found for her.  Eventually, she arrived in Brighton where Barbara and Tony met her and all their fortunes changed.  Taj is a real working dog who will pick up anything Barbara drops and brings the shopping in from the car.  What a star!



Jo HB has two dogs.  One of them, Herryt, is a very rare Dutch breed – a Stabyhoun.  There are only about 200 in the UK and about 6000 worldwide, the fifth rarest breed in the world!  Jo does tracking and agility with him in the normal world and is working towards her Scentwork UK tests with him. Let’s hope they don’t forget everything before we get back to normality!


Jo also has a 19 year old Parsons Jack Russell called Radar who used to do lots of tricks and was used for advertising dog food on the TV and YouTube – he’s now retired! He looks very sprightly for his age.

Nothing to do with pets but if you watch The Repair Shop on BBC1 on Wednesdays you might have seen Jo featuring on it.  If you can access BBC iPlayer check it out, otherwise I will ask Jo to relate the story of her “repair” for another blog.

Trixie and Tess

These are my two girls.


Trixie was a rescue at 8 months from The Ark at Stubbington.  A Manchester Terrier/Jack Russell cross, she is Trouble with a capital T although she has calmed down with age (now 11).  Her favourite occupation is shouting at the world from an upstairs bedroom window where she can see all dogs approaching down the road.  It is also her squirrel watching post.  Fortunately for her, she is very pretty and can melt hearts when she feels like it.


Tess is a lurcher/collie, born on a farm and passed on three times before catching up with us in 2011 where she found her forever home.  She has had her moments in the past, leading Trixie astray too many times but now at 16 she is winding down and has become a dignified old lady.  

Finally, a Catch up from the Yard

Lesley has been at the yard for 25 years and these daffodils have always been there.  She had a naughty piebald cob, fat George, who used to bite the heads off the daffodils and spit them out!  He was a one off, she says.  Her farrier at the time always said that George “knew too much to have only come this way the once”!

J im

Jim is in fine fettle, having a good rummage in this photo after removal of his overnight rug.

And Reuben is looking really well at the grand old age of 29.  A credit to you, Lesley.

Next week would have been our AGM and I would have been giving my Chairman’s Report on the year 2019.  So maybe you will get to read it anyway on my blog!

Keep your news coming and stay safe.

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  1. Great pics and stories. Amazing animals and owners! Credit to them for the older characters too!
    I’m ok and jogging on (cycling on really!).
    Haven’t looked at the AGM yet
    Keep safe everyone!

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