News From The Yard 28th March 2020

Hello Cherry Parkers and Friends

John and I have talked about turning my occasional newsletter email into a blog so if you are reading this, well done, you found me!

I hope you have managed to stay well, and sane, during the past week of lockdown.  It’s all very difficult to get one’s head around and never have we had to adapt so quickly to an alien situation as now.  I feel like an extra in a sci-fi movie!

News from the Yard.

Jim the cat (aka Rupert

Unfortunately, we have been banned from the yard to help Lesley with poo-picking as hoped but she has sent some photos to keep us in touch and remind us what we’re missing.

Jim the cat (aka Rupert) looks very relaxed after having some tea.

Jim eating his tea

Jim the pony meanwhile was tucking into some tea.  I was struck by the lovely sheen on his coat as he sheds his winter furriness.  You are looking after him ever so well, Lesley.

Please do take a moment to let me know how you are passing the time. 

Personally, I have managed to spend some time in the garden (surprise, surprise) and I should be tidying up my office but haven’t summoned up the courage yet.  And of course I’m putting the time in to keep Cherry Park on the map.

Sponge Cake
Lesley’s sponge cake

Lesley baked a cake and tormented us with a photo of it on Facebook.  It looked delicious and I can only hope that Lesley and Colin are working off the results up at the yard.

In the meantime, Spring has sprung and I leave you with a photo of primroses appearing at the entrance to the yard.

Stay safe everyone.